Create An Awesome Relationship With Your Dog!

End any annoying behavior.

Restore the fun with your dog!

Having a dog as part of your family should be one of the most relaxing and joyful relationships; after all, there is nothing else that dogs want more – safety, balance, and harmonious relationships with everyone around them. Unfortunately, not every family experience this and many deal with unwanted behaviors such as:

  • excessive barking when visitors come to the house or when they walk on the street
  • nipping family members or guests
  • aggressive behavior towards other dogs or people
  • destructive behavior such as chewing up furniture, peeing in the home or jumping the fence.

Creating a happy bond with your pooch is easier than you think when you follow simple principles of leadership, life, and psychology. Too often, dog training focuses solely on the dog and not so much on the human. It’s not the dog is all about educating the human guardians what their dogs want to communicate with them.

I currently foster 3 dogs of which two of them are currently available for adoptions. Please read about Queeny and Deno and share their profiles with family and friends.

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Thank you for your workshop yesterday. I was very impressed and learned so much. I feel like I learned from the dogs’ perspective, as compared to what I have been exposed to before.

I loved how you used your ‘actors’ to show how the techniques worked for them and was especially pleased with the technique for letting the dog train itself. That was wonderful: I could see the mental cogs turning!

I talked about this with my friends in my networking group this morning, and they were even intrigued.


Our interactive workshops include a variety of topics.

We keep the group size small so that we can answer all your questions and you can walk away with simple and practical tips that you can implement immediately.

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Topics that I will discuss and demonstrate during the workshops

Build a Relationship

Teaching your dog to trust you and obey you can be developed over time; however, there are so many tips and tricks that you can integrate in your daily life so that your dog will be by your side whenever you call him.


Feeling confident that your dog will come when you call him; walking calmly on the leash, and asking your dog to drop something that they shouldn’t have in their mouth are just a few of many behaviors you can teach your dog. Obedience should be fun not only for you but also for your dog and we will share with you proven tips that don’t require extra time; just a little bit more effort.

Aggressive Behavior

Everyone is afraid of aggressive behavior displayed by dogs but many human guardians don’t realize that they have been fostering and unconsciously developing the aggressive behavior in their dogs through their own behavior and clues. Learn here what you can do to reteach your dog calmness and balance.

House Behavior & Training

There is nothing better than inviting visitors to your home and knowing that your dogs will be on their best behavior. Many times it is not so much what the dog is doing or not doing but what the visitors are doing or not doing that put your dogs on the edge. Additionally, we will talk about crate training, house training and all that other good stuff that is essential for a harmonious life in the house.


Proper socialization requires exposing your dog to as many new people, animals, environments and other stimuli as possible without overwhelming him. Over-stimulation can result in excessive fear, withdrawal, or avoidance behavior, so knowing how much is enough is important.


Health and Nutrition

There are a lot of good dog food brands out there and there are also a lot of bad dog food brands out there. Knowing the difference and knowing what to pay attention to so that your dog enjoys optimal health is crucial. We’ll share quite a few tips with you that can save you a lot of money at vet offices later on.

Sign up for our workshop called “Let’s talk dogs”. We schedule them every second Saturday and every fourth Wednesday of each month in the Marietta, GA area. The proceeds of the interactive workshops go the rescue group of your choice. How, you may ask?

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