Let’s Talk Dogs – Workshop to Educate and Empower Dog Owners

  • Does your dog nip at guests or jump on you?
  • Does your dog growl at you when they eat their food or chew on a bone?
  • Does your dog pull on the leash and act aggressively (or excitedly) towards other dogs and people?
  • Does your dog suffer from anxiety, fear, or any other behavioral issue?
  • Did you just adopt or acquired a dog and want to learn how to build a strong relationship and how to train certain behaviors?

Dogs are living creatures that have their own needs and requirements. When humans don’t take the time to train the dog, build a relationship with the dog, or ignore the dog’s needs, these dogs can develop their own issues. And if a dog shows misbehavior, we tend to blame it on the dog, the breed, or the fact that the dog is a rescue. Many guardians don’t realize that they actually create the issues with their dogs whether it is jumping up, aggression, fear or unacceptable behavior. Dog training and dog handling have evolved just like anything else in this world. This program is designed to answer your questions and demonstrate certain training techniques. It is interactive, practical, and easy to implement. Additionally, you will learn

  • principles to help you understand your dog better and what he is trying to communicate with his behaviors
  • simple tools and techniques to build a strong bond and reliable obedience
  • practical tips to keep your dog healthy and happy.
  • … and so much more.

Let’s talk dogs

When: Saturday, xxx, at 10 am until 12 pm

Where: Marietta, GA Limited to 8 participants to ensure that all answers can be included

Cost: $30
donation to the rescue group of your choice

How to register: Complete the registration form to the right (or below depending on your screen setup.) Next, choose the rescue group where you would like to make your $30 donation. Go to their website, make the donation, and forward the confirmation email to me as your proof.

Dog Owner Workshop

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