From Processed to Fresh Dog Food

How to prepare healthy and balanced fresh food for your dog

Even though dogs live longer, they are not always healthy. More than 50% of dogs in this country are obese and more dogs suffer from autoimmune diseases such as allergies, Cushing’s disease, hypothyroidism, food sensitivities, cancer, and more.

If food is truly medicine, who can expect a dead, processed, and synthesized commercial kibble to heal the body? More and more dog guardians question the nutrition of commercial dog food. But at the same time, they get intimidated by the thought to prepare their dogs’ meals. When they ask their veterinarians, they typically advise against fresh food because many of them know very little about it and they were educated by the commercial pet food industry.

I have been feeding my dogs fresh food for the last 17 years. I feel this is the least and also the best I can do to minimize vet bills. Since I am slightly obsessed with learning natural ways on how to keep them healthy, I participated in a certification training to become a Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist, a Pet Food Nutrition Specialist. And now I am in the process of getting my certification as an Acute Canine Herbology Specialist (which is nothing else than learning what herbs to use for different health issues.)

With just the help of food and herbal supplements (and no veterinary medication) I was able to:

  • Cure my foster dog of heartworm disease
  • Heal a dog from sarcoptic mange and another dog from demodectic mange
  • Help my foster dog deal with seasonal allergies where she doesn’t bite herself bloody anymore
  • Enjoy three large dogs reach an old age; they were active all the way to the end and never had an autoimmune disease or had to take long-term medications

Michael and Jordan transitioned their dogs to fresh food last year. Sorella had severe skin issues. She ate an expensive limited ingredient kibble and had been on prednisone and antibiotic rounds. Every other week they took her to the vet to get her anal glands expressed. When I spoke with Jordan last week she said, “transitioning our dogs to fresh food was the best thing we’ve done. Sorella has no more skin issues, her coat is beautiful now, and I can’t even remember the last time we took her to the vet to get her anal glands expressed. I tell dog owners about the benefits of raw food all the time. Just like other people, we thought it would take too much time to prepare and it is too expensive but we learned this is not the case.”

On Saturday, xxx at 10 am here in Marietta I will help six dog guardians get the confidence, tools, and methods to transition their dogs to fresh food. This class is limited to six people. I will invite you to my kitchen to show you exactly what I do and how I do it.

If you want to transition your dog from dry food to fresh, nutritious raw food, this is the program for you. 

In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn 

  • How to make the transition smoothly so that your dog won’t experience diarrhea, vomiting, lack of nutrition absorption, or any other worrisome behaviors
  • How to prepare the vegetables in a time efficient and healthy way
  • The ideal amount of food to feed so that they maintain a healthy weight
  • How to avoid food sensitivities
  • What supplements you can add for specific health issues or to maintain good health
  • Why you don’t have to worry about feeding your dogs bones and why they are absolutely essential
  • How to mix their food up so that every day is a new experience for them (this is the fun part for me because there are no limits to my creativity)
  • Where to buy the meat so that it won’t break your bank (you can feed your 50 lb dog for as little as $1.50 a day.)
  • What to say if your veterinarian scolds you for feeding your dog fresh food. (Yes, there are misinformed veterinarians who will try to talk you out of it. And also yes, there are many people who feed their dogs fresh food but they do it incorrectly which makes it unhealthy and justifies some of the vet scoldings.)
  • How to have fun feeding your dog while having peace of mind that you are doing the right thing.

I will also include my recipe for natural flea and tick control. (that alone can save you hundreds of dollars every year.) My dogs haven’t been on chemical flea/tick control, (Frontline, Advantix, Bravecto etc.) for years.

From processed to fresh food – How to prepare healthy and balanced fresh food for your dog

Saturday, xxxxxx at 10 am until 1 pm in Marietta, GA.

Cost: $40 per person

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Fresh Food Class

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