Private Training Session With You and Your Dog

Coaching & Consulting to Maximize Outcome and Happiness

Are you having a dog that is currently challenging you with his/her behavior such as fear, aggression, mischievousness, house manners etc.?

Private coaching covers everything from house manners, puppy training to behavior modification. Once I understand the source of the dog’s behavior, I will demonstrate the behavior modification techniques before I ask you to take over while I coach you and fine-tune you along the way.

Private coaching sessions work best when your dog displays unwanted behaviors in the home or in public so that we can train the dog in the specific environment. I will always visit you at the location of your choice.

Examples include barking at visitors, jumping on visitors, biting visitors or barking at dogs / people while in public, intolerable leash manners, or unreliable recalls.

1 Session Option:

The in-home / on-location session is $200 and includes 90-minutes of my expertise. Most dog behavior issues can be addressed and often times resolved in one meeting. At first, I will demonstrate with your dog how to correct / improve the behavior and then I will ask you to handle your dog while I coach you. There is no travel fee for locations within a 20-mile radius of Marietta, GA. If you live further than 20 miles away from Marietta, I will charge a $20 travel fee.

2 Session Option:

This option works best when you want accountability and follow up in your progress. I know how lazy we can get when it comes to training our dogs. We may do it for a couple of days and see progress and then we let it slip again. This option ensures that we will set up a follow-up appointment within a 3-4 week period to ensure the dog knows the new behavior and you feel confident. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to address further issues that we couldn’t discuss in the first meeting. The 2-session option is $350.

If you are interested in talking with me about a possible private dog training session, please fill out the form below.