Lunch'n Learn Programs In Your Organization

Coming soon to the workplace near you!!!

Does your company provide lunch’n learn programs to its employees? If so, you may want to consider inviting “It’s Not the Dog” to one of your programs.

Here is a selection of the available topics:


Let’s Talk Dogs

Taking care of a dog is fun and can be pretty easy. But not every dog is the same. When we as dog owners are not consistent with our communication and leadership, dogs can easily develop problems and inappropriate behavior.

In this workshop, you will learn

  • principles to help you understand your dog better and what he is trying to communicate with his behaviors
  • two simple tools and techniques to build a strong bond and reliable obedience
  • three practical tips to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Leadership Lessons Learned From Dogs

Dogs are not only fun family members but they teach us a lot about life and leadership. They don’t know your title, they don’t know your income but they do know your energy. Our energy is determined by our confidence, health, mindset, and overall well-being. And when our energy is optimally combined with solid leadership competency, dogs and humans develop a harmonious relationship that is built on trust and respect. My life with dogs coupled with my experience and training as a leadership coach raised my own self- and social awareness on life and leadership lessons that dogs taught me.


I am so happy I embraced the opportunity to attend this past weekend’s workshop with Iris. Iris’ small group setting & supportive, personable nature set the tone for success for each & every dog owner. Iris was able to specifically address each of our personal challenges, all while bringing us back to the basics of dog training & building trusting relationships with our pups. She shared a wealth of knowledge focusing on techniques for success with simple training commands, dog psychology & thought processes/reasoning of dogs in regards to human behavior, proper body language & human interaction approaching fearful dogs, & so much more. Although we were unable to uncover years and years of training, dog psychology, etc., the amount of information & tools & techniques I received in the 2 hrs provided me with a golden base with which to start my training w/my beloved furry family member. Iris & the rest of the group helped to facilitate a wonderful team atmosphere & support system. I left feeling more confident & excited to try these new techniques w/my dog.

I highly recommend workshops like this for ALL dog owners–new to seasoned equally. Every dog is different & it is so important to reach out & accept opportunities to allow your dog to reach its full potential.

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Within an hour of time, I will share with you the most effective dog training methods, the best way to address / suppress aggression, a simple way to create an extraordinary bond with your pooch and we will answer any questions you may have regarding dog behavior or dog training.

And the cool thing is … in return your company makes a tax-deductible donation to an animal rescue organization.

Hurry to register because these lunch’n learn programs are limited and there is no better way than to spend your lunch break learning about your best friend and family member.