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Most dog training programs focus solely on the dog. You bring your dog to a class and your dog learns the basic mechanics of obedience, agility, or any other sport you’d like to participate. In most of these classes, dog owners learn very little about training principles or dog psychology. When we don’t understand the reasons behind a training method or when we are not aware of the dogs’ vocal and body language, it is very difficult to create successful behavior transformation. That’s why I created these 90-minute practical workshops for dog owners where you can bring your questions and dog issues. I will tie all the questions together in a comprehensive program where I will teach, coach, and demonstrate with my own dog how to address certain behaviors or training skills. These workshops are fun. Several participants attended several workshops and they learned at each one different topics. In order to address each participant’s questions, I keep the group size small.
“I thought the seminar was great! Iris was so well prepared, organized, direct, and to the point. I have 2 really fantastic pit bulls that I adopted. One thing I learned is that I probably don’t reward them quite enough because they are just always so good. I would highly recommend this seminar to any new dog owner or who want to get a dog.”
Workshop Participant

Let’s Talk Dogs

Taking care of a dog is pretty easy. Most of us were raised with a dog and saw our parents handle dogs. And there are neighbors and friends who have dogs and we watch their interactions. And if a dog shows misbehavior, we tend to blame it on the dog, the breed, or the fact that the dog is a rescue.

Many guardians don’t realize that they actually create the issues with their dogs whether it is jumping up, aggression, fear or unacceptable behavior. Dog training and dog handling have evolved just like anything else in this world. In this workshop, you will learn

  • principles to help you understand your dog better and what he is trying to communicate with his behaviors
  • simple tools and techniques to build a strong bond and reliable obedience
  • practical tips to keep your dog healthy and happy.
  • … and so much more.

No workshop is the same. We keep the group size to a minimum so that each participant can ask their specific questions and everyone learns. The goal is that you will walk away with practical tips that you can implement immediately.

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Dogs stay at home; after all “it’s not the dog”!

I am so happy I embraced the opportunity to attend this past weekend’s workshop with Iris. Iris’ small group setting & supportive, personable nature set the tone for success for each & every dog owner. Iris was able to specifically address each of our personal challenges, all while bringing us back to the basics of dog training & building trusting relationships with our pups. She shared a wealth of knowledge focusing on techniques for success with simple training commands, dog psychology & thought processes/reasoning of dogs in regards to human behavior, proper body language & human interaction approaching fearful dogs, & so much more. Although we were unable to uncover years and years of training, dog psychology, etc., the amount of information & tools & techniques I received in the 2 hrs provided me with a golden base with which to start my training w/my beloved furry family member. Iris & the rest of the group helped to facilitate a wonderful team atmosphere & support system. I left feeling more confident & excited to try these new techniques w/my dog.

I highly recommend workshops like this for ALL dog owners–new to seasoned equally. Every dog is different & it is so important to reach out & accept opportunities to allow your dog to reach its full potential.

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Topics that I will discuss and demonstrate during the workshops

Build a Relationship

Teaching your dog to trust you and obey you can be developed over time; however, there are so many tips and tricks that you can integrate into your daily life so that your dog will be by your side whenever you call him.


Feeling confident that your dog will come when you call him; walking calmly on the leash, and asking your dog to drop something that they shouldn’t have in their mouth are just a few of many behaviors you can teach your dog. Obedience should be fun not only for you but also for your dog and we will share with you proven tips that don’t require extra time; just a little bit more effort.

Aggressive Behavior

Everyone is afraid of aggressive behavior displayed by dogs but many human guardians don’t realize that they have been fostering and unconsciously developing the aggressive behavior in their dogs through their own behavior and clues. Learn here what you can do to reteach your dog calmness and balance.

House Behavior & Training

There is nothing better than inviting visitors to your home and knowing that your dogs will be on their best behavior. Many times it is not so much what the dog is doing or not doing but what the visitors are doing or not doing that put your dogs on the edge. Additionally, we will talk about crate training, house training and all that other good stuff that is essential for a harmonious life in the house.


Proper socialization requires exposing your dog to as many new people, animals, environments and other stimuli as possible without overwhelming him. Over-stimulation can result in excessive fear, withdrawal, or avoidance behavior, so knowing how much is enough is important.

Health and Nutrition

There are a lot of good dog food brands out there and there are also a lot of bad dog food brands out there. Knowing the difference and knowing what to pay attention to so that your dog enjoys optimal health is crucial. We’ll share quite a few tips with you that can save you a lot of money at vet offices later on.

Dog Training for First-Time Dog Owners

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Whether you consider adopting, fostering or buying a dog, there are a lot of things that you want to learn before the dog joins your family. Most people learn by trial and error but that can sometimes be expensive.

Just like you would read a book, attend a class, or work with a coach on driving a car or playing a new sport, you want to familiarize yourself with basic principles of dog training and dog care. In this seminar you will learn:

  • How to introduce your new pet to your family (children, canines or cats)
  • Three activities that strengthen the bond with your dog
  • The importance of repeating house and crate training even though a rescue group said that the dog is trained
  • Five most common mistakes dog owners make and how to avoid them
  • Aggression and how to respond correctly

This workshop is ideal for a rescue group to provide to their recent adoption families and future prospects. The workshop is completely free to the rescue group as long as they are located in the Atlanta, GA area. Workshop participants have to make a donation (the amount can be set by the rescue group) in order to attend. You can learn more about my gift to rescue groups here. If you want to schedule this seminar through your rescue group, contact me today.

These seminars are for dog owners, first-time dog owners, foster dog parents, or those considering adopting or fostering a dog.

The objective is to teach the humans; therefore leave your pets at home, please.

The goal of these interactive programs is to share knowledge and experience so you will walk away with an expanded awareness about dogs and ideas to enrich your relationship with your dog. You can apply what you will learn as soon as you get home!

Program Recommendation

This is a 3rd party program that I recommend to pet owners . dobbiemom-pettech

Nicole Essawy is a certified PetTech instructor and offers regular first aid classes in the Atlanta area. Her classes cover a number of valuable skills that are taught to you hands-on with demo pets. You will at first practice techniques on stuffed animals and then get a chance to do CPR and rescue breathing with the simulator manikin, which is more of a true-to-life experience. Every student will receive a handbook, and upon successful completion a certificate and registration with Pet Tech. To learn more and register for one of these classes, visit DobieMom.