Feedback from Workshop Participants and Clients

We adopted our Pit Bull puppy, Nutmeg, through Friends to the Forlorn Rescue, which referred us to Iris Grimm!  It was a stroke of luck.  From the moment she walked into our home, we were learning.  From how we should ask our guests to interact with our dog to how to keep our dog protected out in public places.  Iris explained all of her techniques and the reasons why they should be employed.  She showed us very effective ways of training our dog to learn basic commands.  The day after our time with Iris, I was able to show Nutmeg how to lay down within just one day.  She explained the importance of bonding with our dog through food and play.  The quality of our playtime and bonding with

The day after our time with Iris, I was able to show Nutmeg how to lay down within just one day.  She explained the importance of bonding with our dog through food and play.  The quality of our playtime and bonding with Nutmeg has improved greatly over the last weeks and it’s all due to the techniques that Iris shared with us. She also took the time to answer MANY of my questions on health and nutrition and without even my requesting them, she emailed me newsletters and sent me links that she knew I would find helpful.  It’s apparent that Iris has a heart for dogs and for teaching those of us that are open to learning, that it truly isn’t the dog and that we will only get out, what we are willing to put into this very precious relationship with our dog. Thank you, Iris!

Elizabeth Velez

“Iris was one of our first volunteers when we started Green Pets America in 2006. Iris’s knowledge about people, business and animals is amazing. I learned a lot about dog training and people training from Iris and her side kicks Cito and Shelby.

Iris went into our foster homes to help new owners that were experiencing issues with their new adopted rescue. In all cases she fixed the issue; and in all cases it was the owner or a family member that needed the training not the pet. Had we not had Iris go into the home a few dogs would have sadly come back to us through no fault of their own.

Iris brought her dogs Cito and Shelby to school programs Green Pets America put on at our local schools. The kids absolutely enjoyed the dogs and the lessons on pet care. I vividly remember to this day today the kids streaming out happy and excited from their classrooms yelling….“The Green Dogs are Here…yeahhh”.

Iris’s training seminars are extremely beneficial to pet owners and focus on how to house train, crate train, and obedience train a dog. She covers how to deal with and suppress aggression and accept it as part of the dog’s natural DNA. She also teaches how to effectively deal with an over the top dog, and how to tame a rambunctious puppy, plus so much more. 

From a one hour presentation to kids in a classroom, to a two hour seminar to adults, her seminars are fun and valuable and a must attend for a new or even experienced dog owner.”

Steve Monahan

Founder, Green Pets

Hey there- just wanted to let you know – Murray has really improved over the last few months and is showing us what a gentleman / good boy he can be. The boundaries were a huge help, and long walks don’t hurt either. Thank you for the guidance a few months ago.

N. Kushner

“I thought the seminar was great! Iris was so well prepared, organized, direct, and to the point. I have 2 really fantastic pit bulls that I adopted. One thing I learned is that I probably don’t reward them quite enough, because they are just always so good. I would highly recommend this seminar to any new dog owner or who want to get a dog.”

I have adopted my Connie from Friends to the Forlorn, and now I am the foster mom to Xena, also from FTTF. I heard about Iris’ training class, Let’s Talk Dog, from a friend with the rescue. I was excited to attend as my foster Xena has some issues and I wanted some professional help on training her.

Let me first tell you about my Xena. She was rescued from the shelter with her pup. She is hand shy, afraid to get in cars, high energy…meaning she jumps up on you and runs from her food bowl to me throughout her feedings. I was hoping that Iris’ training class would help, though I must say I was skeptical as I was told not to bring my dog. I thought, “how will it help if you don’t meet her and see her behaviors?” Boy was I wrong! I loved the way the class was conducted. Everyone was able to voice concerns, and Iris gave all of us her attention and took our concerns seriously. Through advice and the use of her own foster Deno, the lessons and tools she armed us with made me leave feeling confident that I could change not just Xena’s behaviors but my own habits to help her.  Through Iris’ class, I realized that it was not just Xena but myself as well.  With the help of Deno, I saw firsthand how simple play and affection can trigger unwanted excitement in some dogs.

After I went home I began using the techniques Iris taught in class, and Xena’s behaviors have improved significantly. This class was great as was Iris and Deno.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a fur baby either as a pet or foster.


Thank you so much for this information. We have already started preparing Harley’s food ourselves and he seems to be quite happy with that change. We both feel so much more confident in our ability to help Harley with his fear and protectiveness. You and Sloan helped us understand the meaning of his behavior in a way that makes sense to us. Now we have a much better sense of what he needs to feel more secure. We both feel optimistic that we will soon be comfortable having people to our home to visit.

M. OLeary

“Iris, we really enjoyed the class today! You did an excellent job of presenting and your remarks all made so much sense. It’s great that you are able to share it so well with others. Thanks, too, for the reminder email with directions. You also get an A+ for organization!!”

I enjoyed the workshop very much.  It was great to see you again, and I always enjoy seeing your dogs, too. After listening to you, it finally dawned on me that I need to take the time to train Charlotte to walk with me.  We have been so busy trying to make sure she gets out for good walks twice a day, that we have really not taken the time to train her about HOW we want her to walk with us.  I came home and cut up some treats and tried them out with her right away.  Boy, was she happy to have those treats again! Charlotte seemed to understand that i was trying to work with her.  On her walk this morning, she did not do EXACTLY as I wished, but it was better.  I will keep up the training and will try to get my husband and son involved.   I think you already describe your program very well:  that it is all about training HUMANS, not their dogs!   Thanks for providing this valuable training!

M. Ruechel

I walked in the door last night from work and didn’t talk to the dogs. Just walked to the back door to take them out. They were a lot calmer. So I think after a few days they will not jump at all. It’s just so hard not to say anything, but I’m sure it will get easier and become our new routine.I think what you said about being on the same intensity level with the dog was very valuable. They noticed I was different and came down to my level to match me.


S. Wilson

My husband and I have two terriers who were out of control when confronting other dogs. Within an hour and a half, Iris showed us the skills to have them obedient and listening so that we could peacefully walk while encountering other dogs. Iris has any array of pooches which was nice for our dogs to get to look at a variety. Our neighbors jokingly call our dogs, “the new dogs” because no one can believe they are the same ones. Iris is the best dog / human trainer I have ever met. I would recommend her very highly.

Jodi DuFresne

I wanted to write and let you know how much your class has changed our household for the “better”.  When I came to your class, I was very distraught about a recent incident, where my two Pitbulls got into a fight at the vet – while on a tandem leash, wrapped around me.  They didn’t get me and Kyrie received a couple of cuts to her mouth.  That same day, I contacted Shelby Burnette (Kyrie’s foster) about options for Kyrie if I couldn’t get some help for myself or her.  When I yelled for both dogs to stop fighting, my 4 yr old pit Bella, stopped.  Kyrie continued to attack her – which scared me and made me feel that she might be aggressive. I had to take them home in separate trips so that they wouldn’t be in the car together – which gave me time to calm down and think about what had happened.  Since the public already feels Pitbulls are aggressive and are being banned in different cities, I felt like we had to really take a look at what we had undertaken by having 2 Pitbulls in our family.  As for them fighting, yes, they’ve had a few conflicts before, but nothing this bad.  As I thought about it, I realized it was really stupid of me to try to get a “two for one” trip to the vet, since Bella is always so apprehensive and basically terrified of going to the vet, PetSmart or anywhere else.  I was also, by myself – with 2 dogs, another dumb idea.

When I spoke to you on the phone before the class, I told you of my concerns.  You asked me a simple question that really made me think.  You asked, “Did Kyrie know to stop” ?  When I heard the question, I thought, I told her to.  Then I realized, No, she probably didn’t know to stop.

During our class, I learned many things about myself – not, Kyrie.  After all, she just feeds off of my interactions with her.  Since I am a Type A personality going about 100 miles an hour – unless I’m asleep, Kyrie was just like me !  That made for a very frustrating mix because Bella is “chilled out” – like my husband.  You also reminded me that I think outwardly expressed that Bella is the perfect dog and would get frustrated with Kyrie and expect her to live up to Bella’s standards.  While she is pretty close to perfect, Kyrie is pretty special in her own right.  When I get frustrated with Kyrie now, one of the things I say is “it’s a good thing you’re pretty” !  Fortunately, I have fewer frustrating moments with her now that you “fixed” me.

I have used some of the techniques you taught me in the class and they have helped tremendously.  One example is when I get Kyrie out her crate.  I used to approach her crate with a high pitched voice getting her all excited about getting out and going outside.  Now, I approach the crate and say her name once with a normal to deep voice so as not to startle her if she is sleeping.  When she comes out of the crate, she isn’t jumping on me or acting all excited.  She actually stays at my feet for me to pet her and then runs to the back door.  That’s a huge change.  I also use a normal to deep voice when playing outside with both dogs.  The more excited I get, the more excited they get – and that can lead to them getting too excited and possibly having an “argument”.

We still feed them separately and make sure that either both have a bone – or nobody has a bone.  They play great together and have only had one small issue in 4 months – since the fight at the vet.  They both stopped as soon as my husband approached them and yelled for them to stop. I do give them a bit more separate time indoors and out and I believe that has also helped.  I use baby gates and put one with my husband in one room and one with me in another room.  They are actually excited to see each other when we open the gate.

Since I have been off this summer, we have a new routine.  We are playing ball – and I run them hard – as early as 6:30am.  We try to play ball, run hard and enjoy as much of the outdoors as we can before it’s too hot around 10 or 11am.  That has really helped them too.  Wearing them out has left them less time to get on each others nerves by being cooped up in the house.  (My yard has also benefited since I’m outside more.)  When I return to work in August, they are going to miss our early morning ball time. I have to be at work by 6:45am, so they will only get ball time in the evening while it’s still so hot outside.  I haven’t started walking them – but hope to when it gets cooler in the evenings.  Unfortunately, I can’t take the heat and I don’t want them to get overheated either.

Now that I know “it’s not the dog” – it was me all along – our house has settled down so much.  I have also found that since she isn’t so “excited”, she will follow commands most of the time.  The commands are given with a deeper and firmer voice – and she responds well to that.  Thanks for “fixing” me and helping our family.  You provide a very valuable service that can also help keep dogs in their homes.  You also donated your fees to FTTF – which is a very selfless and generous thing to do.  Thanks for all that you do and I hope many other families can benefit from your wisdom.

With many Thanks and much Respect –
Todd, Lora, Bella and Kyrie