Children and Dogs

Children and Dogs

This week I heard the story about little Lilly; she is a 6-month old puppy that was dropped off by her family at a vet’s office with the request to euthanize her. Lilly supposedly snapped at one of their children and barked at the dog park and therefore the family deemed Lilly aggressive.

I feel saddened to write this story because it shows how little humans truly know about dogs. And at the same time, I feel encouraged to continue working on It’s Not The Dog so that we can educate more parents on how to integrate a dog with their children (or vice versa).

I’m just glad the vet refused to euthanize little Lilly and I hope she will find a forever home soon who will understand her, teach her, and provide her the environment that she deserves.

At the Car Shop

When we go with Shelby somewhere, she is usually with Cito and Barko. That can make a difference for a dog when she is around confident, well-balanced dogs. She picks up their energy and follows them wherever they go. However, today Sloan took Cito and Barko to the gym; so Shelby and I had “girl time.”In the morning we had to go to the car shop since my radio wasn’t working. She got into the car without hesitation but when I arrived at the car shop she did not want to get out of the car. She put her 3 little breaks on me and looked around with hesitation. I knew that she was unsure about getting out since she wasn’t familiar with the area. So with a little tug I got her out of the car and then she was calm and submissive. We walked into the shop and we even did some obedience training there. And she did really well. Now I know that I need to get her out to many different places by herself so that she feels comfortable no matter where she is.

Iris Grimm