Program For First-Time Dog Owners

Create a harmonious relationship with your newly adopted dog.

Accelerate your knowledge about dog leadership and minimize mistakes.


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Getting your first dog is exciting. You watched your friends having fun with their dogs or your parents had a dog when you were young. Now you decided that it’s time to have a dog of your own. But simultaneously, you have questions, doubts, and worries.

  • Will I be able to fulfill my dog’s needs and requirements?
  • What collar, leash, harness, and other equipment are best for my dog?
  • How do I know what food is the best for my dog?
  • Should I get training for my dog or can I do this by myself by watching videos on YouTube?
  • What boundaries are okay to set right from the beginning?

And there are many, many more questions.

Or maybe you don’t even have a dog yet and you still wiggle with a lot of uncertainties. What breed is best for you and your lifestyle? How old? What energy? Should you get a dog from a shelter, a rescue group, or a breeder? How do you choose the best veterinarian for your dog?

Questions over questions. Most dog owners just wing it and make mistakes along the way. I know I did when I got my first dog. Sure, I bought books about dog training, dog health, and dog care. And I joined a dog sports club where I watched other dog owners train their dogs. But still, I made a ton of mistakes that cost me emotional turmoil and unnecessary expenses.


We adopted our Pit Bull puppy, Nutmeg, through Friends to the Forlorn Rescue, which referred us to Iris Grimm! It was a stroke of luck. From the moment she walked into our home, we were learning. From how we should ask our guests to interact with our dog to how to keep our dog protected out in public places. Iris explained all of her techniques and the reasons why they should be employed. She showed us very effective ways of training our dog to learn basic commands. The day after our time with Iris, I was able to show Nutmeg how to lay down within just one day. The quality of our playtime and bonding with Nutmeg has improved greatly over the last weeks and it’s all due to the techniques that Iris shared with us. She also took the time to answer MANY of my questions on health and nutrition. It’s apparent that Iris has a heart for dogs and for teaching those of us that are open to learning, that it truly isn’t the dog and that we will only get out, what we are willing to put into this very precious relationship with our dog. Thank you, Iris!

Elizabeth Velez

Many first-time dog owners join group obedience classes at major pet stores. And that is great but their curriculum is limited. Teaching a dog the basic obedience commands is rather easy, but what about the everyday behavior in the home or in public – where can you learn that?

Many seasoned dog owners contact me because their dog jumps up on guests, chews up furniture, acts aggressively towards children or guests, pulls on the leash, or acts out of control in public when (s)he sees other people or dogs. Where can you learn how to avoid these major mistakes and instead teach your dog excellent behavior no matter where you are and what you do?

This is where this program comes into place. Dog ownership is not rocket science but it is also not something where you can just wing it right from the get-go. Here you will get all the answers for your dog-related questions. You will get support on how to train your dog so that you will build a strong connection and you will also minimize behavioral issues in the future.

And if you don’t have a dog yet, I can help you determine what breed of dog is best for you and your family. Together we can visit shelters or rescue groups to find the right match for you. This program is a combination of dog training, owner coaching, and owner training. We mix hands-on dog training classes and educational video sessions to teach you everything you need to know to build a strong, healthy, and safe relationship with your dog.

Whether you adopted an adult dog from a rescue group/shelter or bought a puppy from a breeder, this individual program will be customized to your needs and your dog’s circumstances. And with your dedication to follow through with the program assignments, you will have a dog that you can take anywhere and people will say to you, “What a nice dog; he is so well-behaved.”

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Hey there- just wanted to let you know – Murray has really improved over the last few months and is showing us what a gentleman / good boy he can be. The boundaries were a huge help, and long walks don’t hurt either. Thank you for the guidance a few months ago.

Natalie Kushner