Since Shelby has such a strong food drive we thought that she is a great candidate for tracking. Anytime I take her out for a walk, she spends minutes at a time sniffing the ground, checking here and there, picking up all kind of crap. I always have to watch her and it happened already several times where I pulled out bones, dog poop and other stuff out of her mouth. Barko and Cito are starting their Schutzhund training again and tracking is one of the disciplines that we practice with them. So this morning we took Shelby with us. We followed the Gene England method. I made 3 scent pads and put lots of food in there. I took Shelby out, lead her to the scent pad, allowed her to sniff the treat in my hand before I threw it on the scent pad. With the command “such” Shelby put her nose down immediately and started the search – reward process. We could hear her breathing so hard and she took her time finding every little treat. She did great with all 3 scent pads and I can’t wait to practice with her again.