Shelby’s first night at our home was very restful. I got up at 7.00 am and we took her out immediately. And she did her business. Finally, after at least 13 or 14 hours. We took her on a walk with the boys and again – she did so well. We really need to videotape her. All the fear that she exposed at the shelter is gone; like it never existed. When we walked inside the house, we just let her run lose with the boys. And they were fine. They all were standing in the kitchen waiting to be fed. After breakfast, we took her outside again and finally she did her poop business. Then she walked around in the living room but we didn’t allow her yet to go into the bedroom and bathroom. An hour later she finally calmed down and took a nap. This afternoon we took her to Kennesaw park. Sloan thought that we had to take 2 cars but I decided that we should try to put all 3 in one; after all, sooner or later she had to learn. Initially, she didn’t want to go into the car so we had to put the leash on her and pull her in from the opposite door. Once she was in the car, she felt a little insecure. Sloan kept the leash tight on her so that she couldn’t go anywhere. However, in the park she was wonderful. She walked with us the entire time. She was really curious and spent a lot of time just sniffing around. I am glad we brought some water with us. Since she eats that terrible kibble food, she is thirsty all the time. It was fun having her with us. She did really great. As soon as we returned to the car and she saw all the cars passing by, she immediately jumped in the car. We were really surprised to see her do that but I guess her fear of cars was bigger than her fear of jumping inside of the car. We just came home and Shelby just received her first dinner. I added some mackerel in her bowl. I don’t want to get her started on the raw food diet right away but rather take it slowly. I added some probiotics in her food though since I know that they pumped her up with antibiotics. Shelby had an eventful day and now she is laying on Barko’s mat resting peacefully. She is a cute little dog! Iris Grimm