Today we were walking at the Kennesaw park. I had Shelby on the flexy leash and she really enjoys these walks. There was an older gentleman walking behind us for a quite a while bu then he caught up with us. We walked to the side so that he could pass us conveniently. While walking by us, he stopped and said to me, “Did you know that one of your dogs is limping?” I was surprised but at the same time didn’t know who he meant. “Who is it?”, I asked. And he answered seriously, “The little black dog”, and he pointed towards Shelby. Sloan and I smiled at each other and answered, “Yes, we do know. She has only three legs.” The gentleman really acted surprised and said, “I didn’t even notice that she only had 3 legs.” Wow, now that amazed me considering that he walked right behind Shelby and me. That really kept us laughing for the rest of the walk. Shelby had a good time during the walk. When I threw the ball for Cito, I kept her short on the leash, so that she wouldn’t try to reach for the ball. She turned out to be a really cute personality. The fear covered her personality up like a large bed of kudzu, as soon as the kudzu was lifted, a beautiful flower appeared.