Shelby – the little Rottweiler female – wasn’t leaving my mind. I felt sad that she was so fearful and I only could wonder what truly happened to her considering her fear of life. Where did she live before? Did she have a good home or was she neglected? What was her initial name? After all, the volunteers at Homeless Pets give the dogs new names. At the end, the answers to those questions don’t matter anymore. Dogs don’t live in the past; they don’t worry about the future, they just live in the presence. What happened to her before she came to the shelter doesn’t matter; what matters is what happens to her now. 

This is the beginning of the Christmas week and it is going to be a slow work week anyway. Therefore I decided that I will work with Shelby every day. I will take her out, I will feed her food, I will spend time with her so that she learns to trust me. Sloan, my husband thought that this would be a great idea.