Attn. Dog Guardians, Dog Adopters, Foster Dog Guardians, Dog Lovers, and Dog Advocates

Adopting a dog from a rescue group / animal control or buying a dog from a breeder brings a lot of excitement, hope, and expectations. You may think, like so many people, taking care of a dog is not rocket science. Other people did it; I can do it too. That is what I thought as well when I got my first dog. I didn’t know anything about dogs, dog training or dog behavior which created a couple of problems for my dogs and a lot of frustration in me.

I believe that knowing just a little bit about dogs but not enough to create a harmonious relationship with our canine companions is one of the major reasons why thousands of dogs get abandoned at animal control or returned to breeders and rescue groups every day; not because they are bad dogs but humans don’t know enough about:

  • How to house train, crate train, obedience train a dog
  • How to deal with and suppress aggression and accept it as part of the dog’s DNA
  • What to do if a dog chews up pieces of furniture, clothes, or other household items
  • How to stop a dog from barking
  • How to keep a dog healthy so the vet bills don’t kill your savings account
  • How to satisfy an over the top energy dog
  • How to tame that rambunctious puppy and so much more

Dog obedience classes are absolutely fundamental but may not answer all your questions about caring for your dog. This workshop does not replace the necessary dog obedience training; instead, it is an addition to these classes where you will learn additional information that many dog trainers don’t have time to share during these training classes.

That’s why we created workshops for humans in the Atlanta, Georgia area, who are committed to build a long-term and harmonious relationship with their canine companions. In 2-hour programs, we will answer your questions from A-Z and provide practical advice and dog handler training tips that you can implement at home immediately. We ask you to keep your dogs at home so that you can focus on you – the dog handler.

And the cool thing about these programs – ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE RESCUE GROUP WHO REFERRED YOU OR TO THE GROUP OF YOU CHOICE so that they can help more dogs in need.

Training and caring for a dog becomes easy and fulfilling once you know more about what to do and how to do it. We are here to teach you so that you enjoy a long and fun life with your dog. For us, this is a win-win-win situation.

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