Sometimes you just don’t know where inspiration comes from. I didn’t ask for any specific inspiration but it came to me yesterday, on October 12, 2007 while I was cleaning my home. I was just dusting off the coffee table in our living room while the TV was running. Charles Gibson from ABC News reported on the person of the week, Darrell Watson. Mr. Watson is the Band Director of the Ballou High School Majestic Marching Knights in Southeast Washington, D.C. They talked about his voluntary position and how he impacts the lives of all the high school kids. They also reported that only 30% of high school seniors from Washington DC go to college, however all the kids from Watson’s marching band were accepted into college. He was telling the reporter that he was a member of the marching band when he was young and this is his way of giving back. While listening to his story I felt the goosebumps raising on my skin. Wow, what an awesome opportunity! Making such a difference in children’s lives. It didn’t sound glorious, it didn’t sound easy but it sounded very rewarding. How many people do you know that make such a difference in people’s lives; either through their profession or through voluntary work? Isn’t that what life is all about? Having an impact on others? While I was moving my cleaning supplies to my bathroom I kept thinking about this report. What was it about this report that had such an impact? Why did I get goose bumps?

It became clear to me that I missed this kind of impact in my life. As a coach for physicians I know that I make an impact on their lives but then again, I don’t take responsibilities for their actions. And even though I tremendously enjoy my work as a coach, it isn’t my complete passion.

It became clear to me in this moment that I want to get more out of life. And I thought, what am I truly passionate about and if there was a way to live my passion what could I do? I didn’t come up with the answer but I promised myself that I would be open to insights and ideas that would come my way.  
  • What do you feel passionate about?
  • How fulfilled do you feel?
  • What kind of impact do you have on others and would you like to have more?
  • What makes your heart sing?