Life and Leadership Coaching with a Canine Twist 😉

Do you have a big goal for this year?

  • Getting in the best shape? Eating healthier? Finding a new job that is more fulfilling? Being more active and checking items off your bucket list? Attracting a healthy relationship?
  • Or are you just too burned out, tired, overwhelmed, and exhausted to do one or more of the above-mentioned things but if you had more energy you would?

Most people live their life on autopilot and even though life isn’t satisfying, they either don’t know how to change or don’t feel like changing. I used to live like this as well until I learned about coaching many years ago.

People behave similarly when it comes to their dogs. The dogs may either display undesirable behavior (or at least the humans find the behavior undesirable) but instead of addressing, correcting, retraining it, they put up with and resign to it.

Life – whether it is for you and/or your dog – shouldn’t be about putting up; instead it should be about harmony, fun, success, and well-being. If that is not the case for you but you are ready to make some changes, read on.


For the last 21 years, I have been working as a professional coach supporting business leaders and high achievers in reaching the next level of success.

My hobby of learning about dogs and training dogs led to this website “It’s not the dog.” It started out with workshops for dog owners while raising money for rescue groups. From there it expanded organically to in-home training for people who needed hands-on help with their dogs.

While coaching people on their leadership in order to transform their dogs’ behavior, I often engaged my clients in extended conversations to increase their own awareness of other areas in life where they were struggling with a particular issue. After all, the professional coach always comes out of me and I know that how we do anything is how we do everything. The way we show up as leaders in one area of life is the way we show up as leaders in other areas unless we make a conscious choice. The mindset that holds you back in one area of your life has the same impact in other areas of your life.

As a coach, I always look at life and leadership from a whole picture perspective. And that is how I came up with the idea of providing a coaching program for dog owners who want to take their leadership with dogs, life, and work to the next level. The next level can mean many things to different people. It can include:

  • Creating a strong relationship with your dog and ending destructive, annoying behavior
  • Living a healthier life where you are more active, feel more vital, have more energy
  • Replace stress, overwhelm, or burnout with ease, efficiency, and harmony
  • Upgrade your leadership skills in order to advance your career

This program combines my passion for coaching, my passion for training dogs, and my passion for education humans about dog’s behavior and well-being.

The objectives are:

  • Enhance the leadership with your dog and with the people around you; because the relationship and leadership that you have with your dog is a pure reflection of your leadership with others and lifestyle
  • Create massive life and well-being improvements for you and your dog
  • Use your dog to make meaningful changes in your life that affect everyone’s well-being, harmony, and happiness
  • Learn from your dog, learn more about dogs and transform that knowledge and your wisdom into beautiful life enhancements
  • Expand your knowledge and life to create a harmonious relationship with your dog


This program is all about making critical life improvements so that you feel more satisfaction and happiness. And to make these transformations easier, we will include your dog as your partner, motivator, teacher, and student.

What are the reasons we include dogs in this program?

  1. Some people have a hard time to make meaningful changes in their lives. However, they have such a deep love for their dog that they don’t mind making important changes that benefit the well-being of their dogs. So why not include your dog in a life improvement program that will benefit you and hopefully your pooch?
  2. Dogs are life teachers and they are also our mirrors. Including conversations about your behavior with your dog allows you to look at your life and leadership challenges from a different perspective and gives you new insights you haven’t seen before.
  3. There are a lot of things we can learn from dogs. I like to draw parallels between what you are experiencing at work or in your life and how shifts in behavior and attitude can also change your relationship with your dog. After all, why not apply upgraded attitudes and behaviors in all areas of your life?


 What you can expect:

  • Major upgrades in your life. Problems that used to be pretty big may not appear big anymore or appear all together.
  • Goals you set a long time ago finally become reality.
  • You will feel better, you will think better, you will act better.

And from your dog’s perspective.

  • You will experience a better bond with your dog.
  • An annoying behavior of your dog may disappear and you will enjoy an enriched relationship.
  • A better understanding of your dog and why he does what he does.
  • A stronger connection to yourself, your dog, and people in your life

Sometimes we get stuck in life. We have a problem or we have a goal that we ponder in our brain forever but we just can’t find the motivation or the solution for moving forward. And then we change the environment, i.e. we may go on a trip or start a new hobby activity and suddenly we see new insights and ideas for our goals (or problems) that we couldn’t see before. This is how I want to use your dog by using your relationship and knowledge about your dog as the catalyst to make changes in other areas of your life. If you are ready to improve certain aspects of your life and you would like your dog and me to be your partner in that, click here to schedule a time for a deeper conversation.