In late November, Fulton County Animal Control brought in a little Rottweiler female who had lost her leg. Everyone in the clinic was talking about the horrific picture they have seen when the little girl arrived. They told me that she got caught in an animal trap and she must had been there for several days. Her leg was almost severed and they assumed that she tried to bite it off. They had to take her leg off immediately in order to save her life.

Why do people do such cruel things to animals? How much pain must these people feel in their own life so that they can stand putting animals through all that pain?


I must admit I didn’t pay that much attention to this little Rottweiler who was given the name Shelby. Instead, I spend a lot of time with Mozelle, the female Rottweiler who had a broken leg. She wasn’t allowed to be taken out for a walk and I felt so bad for her. Therefore, I took her out of her crate, took off her Elizabethan collar and carried her to the grassy area. There I would sit down with her and watch the cars pass by. And yes I admit I gave her a lot of affection but she was a calm dog back then. It was so funny, it took Mozelle only a couple of days to recognize my voice. As soon as I walked into the building, she got up in her crate and started barking. It is amazing how quickly dogs get used to us and how they command our attention.