Sunday is usually training day with Charlie. Shelby is small enough that she fits in the front seat; so we decided to take her with us. After a good walk with the boys and a good breakfast which was a mix of kibbles, fish and veggies, we loaded up the car for our Schutzhund training. Shelby and I had enough room in the front seat. Initially she was a little bit scared but half way down the road she adjusted and relaxed a bit. No matter where I go I always keep treats with me. So when we arrived at the high school, I walked around with Shelby calling her name. Yesterday, we got her used to the clicker tone and as soon as she looks at me or turns around, I call her by her name and click. She was very curious while she was running on the field. I even started working with her on the “sit” a little bit.  Susan said that she assumes that Shelby isn’t older than 9 or 10 months old; something with the head of a Rottweiler changes when the dog turns about a year old. Susan was also so kind to borrow us one of her crates. In that way, we can keep a crate downstairs in the office and I don’t have to carry his little crate up and down the stairs. Iris Grimm