When people and dogs have a trusting relationship; when the dogs get their basic needs of exercise, discipline, and safety fulfilled, and when humans feel that their dogs are in sync with them and follow their leadership, it is a beautiful and calming experience to share a life. And if every family could create this, very few dogs would end up in shelters.

My mission is to educate people on how to build this trusting relationship with their dogs, how to understand their dogs better, and how to prevent major breakdowns.

A participant of last week’s class said, “It was an amazing class, I learned so much, I am already seeing changes in the dog! I also started directing people how to interact with the dog and that has made a big difference, My friend didn’t get jumped on last night!!!!”
I invite you to join me on Saturday, August 6th in Marietta. 100% of the registration fees get donated to the Friends to the Forlorn Saving Pets ChallengeTo register, click here