We believe in socialization. Our dogs have been with us in public buildings, restaurants (in German), at the airports, hotels and stores. The people at Lowe’s in Kennesaw know our boys already and when we go to Lowe’s without the boys, we are always asked the question, “and where are the dogs?” Today it was Shelby’s day to visit Lowe’s. Before we went to the store, we walked with the dogs at Kennesaw Battlefield Park to get rid of their exciting energy. Since Shelby is already doing so well with her recall, she is now allowed to run around freely to explore her surroundings. Of course, I keep the leash on her in case she sees a deer or wants to eat some horse poop. However, I never leave the house without treats so anytime she runs at me or I call her name, I make sure I have food in my hand. She is so cute when she sprints to me with her little floppy ears. And she has that smile in her face when she patiently waits for her reward. She is such a great dog, she comes when she is called. Once we arrived at the store, she walked nicely through the parking lot. When cars approach her slowly, she doesn’t even freak out walking next to them. In the store she was really well behaved. We asked her to lay down in the middle of the ile and she immediately responded. She walked with us through several iles without any hesitation. At the checkout lane she sat down while I paid for my items.Congratulations Ms. Shelby – now you know how to behave in a store.