Today was the first day that Shelby returned to the shelter. She still had a couple of stitches in her leg and I wanted the vet to take a look at it. Besides, I needed to check in with Ann, the head lady of the volunteers, so that she doesn’t think I took Shelby and never return. However, I don’t want her to go yet to the adoption places since she is just not ready yet. After all, it has been today just 14 days since we picked her up. She is doing so great. We walked with her to the shelter which is a one mile walk along a busy road. She walked much better next to the cars. When the cars drive slowly, she actually walks nicely next to me. When cars make weird noises, she stops walking and wants to hide. In that moment I just give her a slight pop so that she keeps moving. After a while her little brain got so saturated with the car noises and movements that she just kept going. Great job Shelby – I am so proud of you! The ladies at the shelter were so happy to see Shelby and I was so happy that they saw the confidence and improvements in Shelby. Before I walked with her into the building, Sloan said to me, “when she walks out of the shelter like no big deal, then you know we did some good work.” And guess what happened? Shelby walked in the building calmly, in the building she sat when I told her to sit, she layed down when I told her to lay down, and when we walked out, she walked out of the building as if she had done it a thousand times. No breaking, no panic, just pure confidence. Iris Grimm